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  • Tour Days: 7
  • Availability : Jan - Dec

Description Of The Tour

There is no exaggeration in Kerala’s status as ‘God’s own country’, for how else does one explain its gorgeous 600-kilometre stretch of undisturbed coastline skirting the Arabian Sea, the palm-fringed beaches, a network of languid backwaters home to a vibrant rural life, the misty tea-covered Western Ghats, wildlife reserves teeming with endemic flora and fauna and spice plantations running rampant on its valleys and hill slopes. One of the country’s cleanest states, and perhaps the friendliest too, it is an absolute delight travelling around, visiting the historical temples and museums in Trivandrum, getting a slice of the maritime history in Cochin (Kochi) or taking a boat ride to islands like Mattancherry to trace its Jewish roots. Add to it a culture that is defined by colourful folk art and dance forms, a cuisine that is subtle yet generous in its use of spices, and a passion for Ayurveda that promises to soothe frazzled nerves. Simply slacken your stride and let all its sights and smell envelop you.While Kerala has three distinct seasons, summer, monsoon and winter, tourists flock to Kerala round the year. Bummel Tours offers you exciting tour packages for Kerala.

Description Of Sightseeing

Alleppey, Wayanad, Fort Koch, Varkala, Munnar, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

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